Starting Your Search

The steps below start from a campground profile page. If you haven’t yet chosen a campground to start a booking at, please go to the ‘Find a Campground’ page to select where to book first.

  1. How do you camp? Begin by choosing the camping rig/unit you will be camping in
  2. When do you want to camp? Next, choose your check-in and check-out dates for your booking. Once you have chosen dates, the site will show you if there are any available sites for your date range and size of unit.
  3. Begin Search: Click ‘Search Camp Sites’ button to begin your search. You will be redirected to the Site Search screen.
Find Your Spot

Selecting a Site

Upon clicking Search Camp Sites, you’ll be taken to the Site Search screen to pick a site to book. Along the left will be your search filters, and on the right is the campground map and tab to see the Availability Calendar.

  1.  Find your site by filling out the filter options down the left. Upon completing each filter option, the Map or Calendar on the right will update to show only available sites that fit your requirements. The blue highlighted sites are the ones that are available.
  2. Choose a site by clicking on it on the map, or choosing it from the dropdown list under the title ‘Choose Site’. Note: clicking on a site will also give you details about the site including size and images. 
  3. Review your site price and selection under the site dropdown list after a site is selected to make sure you’ve chosen the right site and the price is what you expect.
  4. Book your site by clicking the green ‘Book this site’ button. This will redirect you to the checkout page to complete your booking.


If you have not yet created an account and are logged in, as soon as you click Book your site, you will be asked to login or Register an account. Complete the register form to continue to checkout.

  1.  Register an account by clicking the Register button in the bottom right corner of the popup. If you already have an account, you also have the choice to login.
  2. Complete the form to create your account
  3. Click submit to complete the registration. This will redirect you to the checkout page.

Checkout & Complete Your Booking

The checkout page is 3 steps: Guest Info, Add-ons, and Payment Info. Note: you will only have 10 minutes to complete your booking.

  1. Fill out Guest Info. All fields in this form are required other than the comments box. If you have comments for the park you’re booking at, add them to the comments box. Click Continue.
  2. Add-ons will appear only if the campground offers add-ons. If they do, choose the number of add-ons you’d like to purchase. Examples you might see might be ‘Firewood’, ‘Day Passes’, etc.
  3. Payment Info is required to complete the booking. If you have booked before and saved your credit card details, you’ll be able to select this previously saved card. If not, you’ll have to complete your card info.
  4.  Terms of Service checkboxes appear under the payment form. Please read the terms for both Let’s Camp and the campground your booking at. You’ll be required to check them off to agree with these terms before paying.
  5. Pay for your booking and secure your site by clicking the green ‘Pay’ button. 

A Successful Booking

Once you have paid for your booking you will be taken to a thank you page that will list your booking details. At the same time you’ll also receive an email with your booking details so you can keep that for your reference.