Brand Assets

Use these resources to help your campers know that you’re taking reservations on Let’s Camp


Print these to hang around your campground and encourage campers to book again next year. You can print on your own, or Canva can handle printing for you. 

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Social Media Posts

Use these posts to let campers know that you have switched to taking reservations with Let’s Camp and when you start taking bookings.

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Printable Stickers

Edit these in Canva and either download and have them printed with your local provider or let Canva print them for you.

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Logo Package

You can use these on your website, social media posts or any time you want to direct people to Let’s Camp.

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Email to Campers

Here is a sample email you can send to campers to let them know you’ve switched to Let’s Camp. Make sure to add the specific details about your campground. 

Hi Campers!

We have an exciting announcement!

We have recently switched our booking system to Let’s Camp Reservation Software. For you, this means you’ll now be able to book your campsite online and make any changes to your booking if your plans change. If you’re travelling to other campgrounds using Let’s Camp, you’ll have one convenient login to manage everything.

Here’s what you need to do to get started:

  1. Visit to create your account
  2. When we open for bookings on ________, visit our campground booking page to start making a reservation.
  3. Select your site using the interactive map and click “Book this site.”
  4. You can add your payment details and add ons to your reservation.
  5. Once you’ve confirmed your booking, you’ll be able to see it in your camper profile here. You’ll also get an email from Let’s Camp with your receipt.

You can check out their support videos here, taking you through each step.

As a reminder, we start taking bookings on ______ .

We can’t wait to see you this season!

Your Campground Name