New Season Checklist

If you’re getting ready to use Let’s Camp for a new season or a new year, here’s what you need to check up on to make sure you’re ready to go!

1. Review your Pricing

The first thing to check when setting up a new season in Let’s Camp is your Pricing Models. If pricing for any of your site types have changed, this is the first place to update that.

Also, if you using Pricing Thresholds to manage your weekly and monthly pricing, check those too, making sure they are correct. Here’s a link to our help video with Pricing Thresholds. (Please ignore thresholds if you have flat weekly, monthly and seasonal rates).

2. Set up Next Year's Season

The biggest change from season to season, is, well, your season settings. Make sure you create a new season in Let’s Camp. When creating a new season make sure:

  • You’ve added your season’s start and end dates (this is when your campground opens and closes it’s gates)
  • You’ve added your booking start dates and times (this is when campers can start making bookings for the season)
  • You’ve added any early access codes, add-on products, and pricing models
  • You’ve set your pricing accordingly
  • You’ve set your flat rates or chosen your pricing thresholds

Do not edit your last years season. Always create a new season.

3. Check your Refund Rules, Fees & Products

Most campgrounds will maintain the same sites, refund rules, fees and products from season to season, but if you’ve built new sites or changed your policies, you’ll want to make sure those are up to date.

If you’ve updated your refund policies or rules, you’ll also want to make sure you update your terms under Camp Settings.

4. Check your Promo Codes & Early Access Codes

At this time, “early access” is just a setting under promo codes, but you’ll want to make sure you’ve got all the promo codes you want to use for the season, including any early access codes you’ll give out to campers to book ahead of time.

5. Check your Staff Accounts

Has your campground staff changed at all since last season? Make sure you remove the staff accounts for staff who are no longer with you and create new accounts for the fresh staff you’ve brought on.

6. Add new Events

If you have any events happening at your park next season, make sure to go into General Settings and add your upcoming Events.

Events are a great way to showcase to campers what’s happening at your park.

You may also want to check Nearby Attractions to make sure you have listed everything to do in your area.

7. Make sure your Status is set to Live

Your status should already be set to live, so DON’T change that.

There’s no reason for a campground to turn their live status off between seasons unless they aren’t using Let’s Camp next season. Even when you’re not open for bookings, a live campground will appear in our search results and display important information to campers such as campground info, rules, site info, and when you open for bookings again.