Refunding Cancellation Fees

As a campground, there may be times where you want to give a camper a full or partial refund when your refund rules would not. 

*Note: There used to be an “override refund” option when cancelling a booking on behalf of a camper. This has been removed and replaced with the “adjust prices” button we’re talking about in this article and video.

To adjust a cancellation fee, click the button “adjust prices” near the payment section at the bottom of the screen. Adjust the price of the cancellation fee however you’d like, add a reason for the change, and then save your change. This will automatically issue a refund for the amount you just reduced, which will make your booking balance out correctly.

If you have a cancelled booking that you created a manual refund for, you can zero it out by adjusting the cancellation fee in the same way.

This video will show you how it’s done: